Rguing a Position: as the increasing of the university tuition, is university still worth it?

Purpose and Audience:
Your purpose is to research an issue you are interested in, and to write a paper in which you persuade readers to accept your position on that issue. Keep in mind that an issue is an issue about which intelligent people can disagree. Because of this, you will need to explain why and how you came to see your own position as the best response to a complex problem.
The audience for your paper consists of other students at Arizona State University; they are people who probably haveni??t thought deeply about your issue (until now) or what makes it controversial or complicated.

All sources must come from the ASU library databases. No exceptions.
Photocopies or printouts of every source used must be turned in with your final paper in your assignment folder.
Paper cites at least three, but no more than five, appropriate sources.
Papers will be written and documented using correct MLA format. This includes a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.
Paper engages with a real issue in a meaningful way (a real issue will have more than one legitimate answer or solution).
Paper works to engage readers with this issue, and to give them a reason to care about it, to think differently about it, or to reconsider their ideas about it.
Paper quotes one article i??fori?? your side of the issue and one article i??againsti?? your side of the issue.
Quotations and references are accurate and fair. Quotations are used to support your own ideas and reasoning, not to replace them.

Begin with subject area that you have a genuine interest in–science, history, politics, sports, hobbies, culture, or social media–preferably something related to your major or career interests. Then identify a current issue that people are debating in that area, and write a paper in which you take a position on one side of the issue.
????Although your goal is to persuade, remember that fair-mindedness will gain the respect of your readers far more than i??bashingi?? the other side. Do not neglect to acknowledge opposing arguments, even (or especially) when you have good cause to refute them. Sometimes you may need to concede a point to the opposition in order to make a separate point of your own, or to help readers see the issue from a new angle.
????Remember that the goal of this class is to develop our reasoning and writing skills to the fullest by exploring issues about which people can have informed, reasonable discussions. For that reason, DO NOT write essays on the following topics: religion, UFOs, mythical creatures, or abortion.

Evaluation Criteria:
The issue you have chosen is valid, interesting, and relevant
Your position on that issue is well-defined, clearly stated, and logically supported
The paper makes real and sincere attempts to address the concerns of the audience
There are few, if any, errors in correctness
Paper demonstrates clear academic integrity on all levels, including giving sources for quotes/paraphrases accurately and including a correct Works Cited page

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the source must be found in this link:advanced?sid9a98f20f-d4c1-4da6-8f47-5055f3076d39%40sessionmgr114&vid0&hid102 the user id : sguo29 password: Shanguo0224

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