Rguing for a position on a controversial topic

Choose a controversial topic, choose a side, and argue for that side. In your argument, you may wish to include a rebuttal of the opposing sides argument.

Although it is not required, you may do research for your topic and include sources. However, this essay may also be completed merely with your current knowledge and stance on a specific topic without any added research. But if you do want to include sourced, cite them properly.

Use effective argument. An effective argument is subjectively convincing while objectively following the rules of logic by avoiding using fallacies to argue the point. For example, if your answer to a topic is yes, that wont change anyones opinion, what you need to do is support with specific details.

These are important:
a focused, well-presented issue
a well-supported position
an effective response to opposing views
a clear, logical organization
grammar and syntax