Rguing for offenders being supported towards Higher Education

I need you to write a lit review defending the argument for supporting offenders towards accessing support to develop skills to access or directly access higher education. Feinstein has written a lot on the figures, which I have already referenced and there is a good perception piece on Leicester Unis website. Specifically there was a 2008 paper written on offenders in prisons (Improving access to higher education and distance learning

Pike, A. and Irwin, T. (2008). Improving access to higher education and distance learning. In: Fifth EDEN Research Workshop, 20-22 Oct 2008, Paris, France.). I need you to mention that the focus on this lit review is community based offenders and they can therefore access other support structures, e.g. Open Universities foundation courses that help build study skills etc. There is a lot of widening participation literature out there that supports the development of adult learners and I would hope you could reference this. Specifically please focus on the skills learners would need to access higher education and the fact that research has proven that training that prepares post-compulsory adults is less successful than preparing children with the skills needed to access HE. There should be references to current widening participation literature, offender education and rehabilitation and literature relating to the skills learners would need to access HE. Please reference at least Improving Learning by Widening Participation in Higher Education by Miriam David, Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Gill Crozier and Pauline Davis for the widening participation literature. I could do without too many American references as I need this for work in a british company. At the end of the piece I would like you to recommend supporting those who have previously attained level 2 or above qualifications, as these adults would have more chance of accessing HE and coping with using prep courses as the OUs course