Rgument about physically disabled people. We choose a subject(physically disabled people) on which to alter peoples thinking.

Engage your reader in serious consideration of an issue he or she may not have thought a lot about but which, you believe, holds an interest and significance for your readers. Do not underestimate you readers. This argument requires good reasoning and strong evidence. You want to change the readers thinking or attitude. My experience is not as important for its own sake than because it gives me important knowledge of an issue. The paper starts out with my personal experience which ill tell you. A month before i turned 16 i had major surgery on my legs. I hd a rare condition that is called miserable malalignment. They had to correct the alignment of my legs by sawing all my legs bones in half, twist them to the right place, and then used screws to keep them in place. I was bed-ridden for a month and in a wheelchair for 4 months. I also had to learn how to walk again. I had to do physical therapy which i still do today. I had to homeschool until i could walk again because my school didnt have elavators or ramps. The medication also made me very sick and tired. I found out i was allergic to morphine in the hospital. This experience made me have a respect for people with physical disabilities. Thats my personal experience which gave me an insight for my topic. In the paper after the personal experience is told, the argument needs to start about disabled people. There needs to be two sides of the argument. Like the postives and negatives. the paper needs to have logos, ethos, and pathos appeal. The majority of the paper is about the argument of disabled people. Like what they go through, how people feel about them, what services they can applie for, the psychological effects that the disabled and those around them go through. I need the paper in 8 hours.