Rgument Analysis about The Moral Instinctby Steven Pinker

An Argument Analysis about The Moral Instinctby Steven Pinker
The article can be found on Internet. Please just type The Moral Instinctand search about it on Google. I think you can read one on The New York Times.

In this paper, I need to Identify, explain and Evaluate about several Major proofs and Fallacies(at least 5 of Proofs and Fallacies, including discussion of warrant, backing, rebuttal, and qualification as applicable). the types of proofs and fallacies I can use in this essay is;
Argument from Sign
Argument from Induction
Argument from Cause
Argument from Deduction
Argument from Historical Analogy
Argument from Literal Analogy
Argument from definition
Argument from Statistics
Authority proof
Value proof
Motivational Proof

Types of Fallacies:
Begging the question
Red herring
Non sequitur
Straw man
Stacked evidence
Manufactured evidence
Unreliable or insufficient evidence
Distorted or oversimplified evidence
Distorted statistics
Post Hoc
Hasty generalization
Fallacies that affect character or ethos
Ad hominem
Guilt by association
Using authority instead of evidence
Bandwagon Appeal
Slippery slope
Creating false needs
Distorted Emotional apeal

The introduction need to contain the brief overview of the article, the author, the publication in which the article appeared, the larger conversation in which the argument participates, and identification and explanation of authors overall claim.
The Conclusion need to talk about personal response, which elements of this argument did you personally find particularly persuasive, and why, and what is my general assessment of the overall persuasiveness of this article for an audience of educated readers from a variety of religious, cultural, and philosophical backgrounds.
In this essay, I need at least 5 quote from the article. And it doesnt need the outside research. The source is the article only.

This paper dont required to talk about all proofs and Fallacies in the article.
Just need to pick 5-7 paragraph which contains proofs and fallacies.

If you have any problem, please feel free to ask.
I know there is not much time left. However, If I can get the paper by 11:00-11:30 p.m. on March 1st of 2011 in Central Time in U.S., it will be awesome. Thank you for your help.