Rgument Development and Source Collection

Part 1
Now that you have done preliminary research on two urban nodes one contemporary and one
ancient you will find, focus and describe one way in which these places are similar. You will
write a 3 5 paragraph essay (typed) to practice your writing and to help you identify exactly
how this similarity works in both cases. This does not need to include quotes from other
scholars or footnotes/endnotes. Which means, these should be your own thoughts and
obseravtions not someone elseas. Be careful that you do not plagiarize. For extra credit: You
may visit your LA area site and document this trip through notes, observations and diagrams
that focus on your topic of similarity. You must show me these things along with photographs of
your trip.
Part 2
You will prepare a bibliography that covers both your contemporary area and your ancient area.
Please include at least 2 reputable reference sources (textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.) and at
least 2 critical scholarly sources. The critical sources will likely be articles/books written by
scholars who have studied these topics, or ones similar. You can use the library databases to
help you find academic journals, peer review articles, etc. This brings you to a total of at
minimum 4 sources per project so, your complete bibliography should be at least 8 sources.
You may use unconventional sources if they are good such as websites, videos, photographs,
maps, interviews, etc. but these should be on top of your 4 conventional sources per project.
You may use

Four paragraphs, one page should be enough. Please focus on architectural itself and talk about similarities between two nodes. If it is possible, please send me one or more paragraphs as you write. The amount of writing doesnt matter for this as long as it meets 500 to 550 words but it has to deal with architectural itself. !!! Not much or perhaps zero personal feelings and descriptions of observations as well as no guessing words!!!!! You might guess something but speak it like you know about it.