Rgument: Does recycling really make a difference?

Using Powerpoint presentation you have to present an argument regarding the topic which is (Does recycling really make a difference?)
Explain a situation (or situations) in which the argument has flaws.
Situation Problem Solutions Evaluation * for those 4 I need you to do the mind map if that possible.
Find the flaws, explain what kind of flaws they are and explain how the argument could be put back on track. No less than 3 problems
You may use several shorter examples to illustrate different types of flaw.
Try to follow the arguments presented to you and decide how good they are. If there are flaws, where are they?
Please make sure that the slides have a bullet point with heading not full sentence or paragraph.
Also, I hope you can add some photo with good quality.
Finally, the link file is a different type of flaws, so you will have an idea of those types you are looking for.