Rgument Essay about buying and selling organs for transplant

The Assignment: Write a 4 page essay in which you take a position/stance on a controversial issue. Present both your position and summed up version of the opposition to your stance.
Particulars: Find good evidence to support your claim in at least 3 and no more than 5 sourcesa try using a variety of sources from the library (online databases, books, journals etc.). Remember to look for the opposition to your stance and present this opposition to your stance in the essaya can be summarized, but do give the opposition a fair amount of space in your paper. Make sure to offer rebuttal for the opposition so your reader does not simply agree with the oppositiona tell your reader why the opposition is not correct.
Format: Use MLA for format and documentation. You will need to have both in-text citations and a corresponding Works Cited entry for each source you use.
Be sure to refer the step-by-step guide for this essay on BB (Further Notes”).
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