Rgument essay is the topic of the homework

I am an international student and i want you to do my homework and this is my homework Create 3 categories of topics: Global, national(the US or my country UAE), Tempe,Az/Campus(ASU). under each category list at least 2 issues which concern you. State why you chose that question. State your position on the issue. Briefly explain why you have taken that position. if you want to explore issues from the 3 categories, go to the State Press for campus issues, the Arizona Republic foe local/national issues and The New York Times online for national/international issues. Be sure you label each category, list at least 2 debatable topics under each category, state why you chose each your position on each, and why you have taken such a position on each of the 2 issues under 3 categories. ( You will have 6 topics when you finish this heuristic.) Do not write about abortion, capital punishment, the existence/non-existence of God, and euthanasia.