Rgument Essay should school be separated by gender

1001-4 Essay 3a Taking a Stand
Directions: Write a 4-5 page position paper that takes a stand on a controversial issue in your field. Your introduction should present your issue, provide background, and state the claim (with reasons) you intend to support. The body of your argument will summarize and respond to opposing views as well as present reasons and evidence in support of your position. You need to choose whether to summarize and refute (or concede to) opposing views before or after you have made your own case. Try to end your essay with your strongest arguments.

Your essay must include the following
a? A title
a? An introduction that engages the reader and gives an overview of your topic
a? A controversial question, problem, or issue that interests you
a? A claim with reason
a? A number of body paragraphs containing reasons and evidence supporting your position. Make sure to provide a?backinga? for your a?warrantsa? if there is any reason to suspect your audience might not share your basic assumptions
a? At least one paragraph summarizing and responding to views that are in opposition to your position
a? A Works Cited page including all outside sources, at least three of which must be from scholarly articles
a? A conclusion