Rgument for emergency relief of disaster survivors

The Red Cross, founded in 1919 has been providing emergency relief services all over the world in all manners of disasters since almost a century, but it was not until 1989 that the need for addressing the mental health needs of disaster survivors was taken seriously. The Red Cross needs to provide more mental health counseling after addressing the emergency relief of disaster survivors.br /
This needs to be done becausea¦br /
Ground 1. Helping disaster victims is good but they need more help.br /
Ideasa grief for those who did not survivebr /
Grief for losing their homes and propertybr /
Grief for losing body partsbr /
Survival griefbr /
Ground 2a help the volunteersa because they are not mentally prepared for what they are going to see and encounter.br /
Ground 3a community morale br /
Countergrounda why?br /
br /
I will download the instruction and also my two papers about this topic.br /
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please follow the instruction be carefully.