Rgument for God using the Design argument

PHIL 365/RELS 385 Argumentative Essay
1. General Information
a? Your argumentative essay (worth 25% of your final grade) is due on Thursday, November 15th in class AND on /umich.edu/writ_center/
o Mardigian Library: internet/citing.html
o The Student Success Center: This place provides different support services for students, including academic support and general counseling:
/edu/ (not as comprehensive as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but still a very good resource).
o Jim Pryoras guide on how to write a philosopher paper:
writing.html (an excellent guide!)

2. Argumentative Essay Form and Topics

In your argumentative essay, you must set forth and defend a specific thesis
(position). A thesis is not a topic. At the start of your paper, you should present a thesis statement a a stand or definite position on a given topic. A a?topica is simply a general area of concern, e.g. the relationship between faith and reason. Here is an example of a thesis statement: Appearances of design in our world provide good evidence that an intelligent designer exists. It is important to make sure that you have a carefully crafted thesis statement. It is much better to aim for depth, focusing on a particular problem area, rather than breadth, where you run the risk of submitting a superficial analysis of a general problem area. In your argumentative essay, you should carefully explain your thesis statement and then argue for it. It is imperative that your research paper contains a good balance of exposition and critical discussion.

For your argumentative essay, you may choose from any of the topics we have covered in class to answer the following question:

Are there any good arguments for the existence of God that, in your opinion, should succeed in rationally persuading the a?sympathetic unbelievera (i.e. the person who says that he or she would like to believe that there is a God, but cannot do so unless given adequate evidence)?

You are welcome to approach this question however you like as long as you answer the question!

use this source Richard Swinburne, Argument from Design please make sure it is plagiarism free