Rgument: Is the death penalty effective?

Term Paper: Each student is expected to write a critical analysis paper using arguments from a topic of his/her choice. To do this, the student must critically analyze published arguments on the topic. The student should use at least three argument examples; these examples should be at least 3-5 pages long. The paper, itself, is to be 6-8 typed pages in length, no more than 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial font with no more than 1.25 inch margins. A copy of the argument examples must be attached to the paper or a reference page must be provided. These items are not counted within the 6-8 pages. Your Proposal for this paper (the topic of the arguments you have chosen)
To complete this assignment you must find examples of arguments (at least 3) that are available on your chosen topic. These arguments must be at least 3-5 pages in length. These arguments can be either for or against the issue or a mix of both. Critically analyze the example arguments. Are there premises? Are they valid, weak, etc? What are the assumptions that the writer is making about the subject and/or the reader of the argument? Do these assumptions get in the way or, are they appropriate for the given audience? Are there fallacies used in the argument? Are the experts used appropriate or biased? Are the statistics from a reputable organization or journal and are they current? Is the research that was done appropriate or are the conclusions made too broad or too narrow in scope. Are there any ethical issues that cause problems? What other problems are there in the argument? Or, what makes this argument a good one? Completely evaluate each argument. You may compare and contrast the different examples of critical thinking or analyze each argument independently.