Rgument of Definition: Is global warming a problem?

I want this paper to discuss that whether global warming a problem and to prove that global warming is not a problem. There are many new researches show that global warming is not a problem, because the earth has been through this process. This paper should be a argument of definition. Make sure to write in the correct argument type(definition).

Your paper should include the following elements:

Awareness of a specific audience and publication for which you will be writing and consideration of how your identification of that audience informs your definitional argument
A strong and engaging introduction that grabs the readeri??s interest
Clear thesis (claim and reason) involving a matter of definition
General definition of key term that is acceptable to readers i?? do more than quote the dictionary
Support/explanation/defense of the terms of the definition i?? why is this a good definition?
Support of claim in terms of the definition (does the claim meet the criteria set out in the definition? compare/contrast claim and definition)
Consideration of alternative views and counterarguments, such as any objections that a reader might have to claim, criteria, or evidence, or the way the definition is formulated (rebuttals)
A conclusion of your argument that explains the implications of your definitional argument (so what? who cares? what would happen if your definition were adopted?)
Credible sources
Ideas from at least 3-4 credible sources (no Wikipedia) must be incorporated into your essay
In addition to your 3-4 sources, you may use 1 dictionary source (which is also cited!)
Make sure to introduce the author/site and state why he/she/it is relevant to your argument
In-text citations for every quote, fact, and reference
Added on 09.05.2015 20:33
Sorry for the confusion. My current topic is not argument of definition. Here is the new one: I recommend that you look for a different term, one whose definition or meaning is debatable. Again, I encourage you to do research and see if you can find a specific article to start with. For example, researching  global warming terminology debate in Google brought up results about the difference between global warming and  climate change. There s definitely a debate about which term is correct. That s just one example. But basically, you need to find a much more specific aspect about global warming to discuss.