Rgument paper Choose from Supplied List

Argument Assignment Sheet
Assignment: : For the argument paper you will write an essay that takes a position on one of the debatable topics listed on page 2 of the handout.
Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement should tell your audience what position you will argue for in your paper. Position is the same thing as claim.
Audience: For this assignment, consider your audience to be a panel of jurors. That is, they are willing to listen to what you have to say, but you will need to use good sound reasoning to convince them to accept your position or claim.
Purpose: The purpose of your essay is to convince your audience to accept your position.
Structure: For this assignment, you will organize your paper as a classical argument. We will discuss the structure of a classical argument in class.
Length: 900 to 1,000 words
Information from Sources: If you decide to use information from a source or sources in your argument, then you will need to integrate the information into the body of your paper according to the guidelines described on pp. 434-437 of your handbook.
Format: Your paper must be typed on a computer using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. In addition, your paper should be double spaced and should have one inch top and bottom margins and 1.25 side margins.
First Page of Argument Paper: The following information should be centered at the top of the first page of the cause and effect paper:
Argument Paper
Word Count:
Workshop Dates: Monday, 10/31 and Wednesday, 11/4
Due Date: Monday, 11/7
What I will be looking for in your paper when I grade it:
a? Paper is an argument essay.
a? Paper meets the length requirement of the assignment.
a? Introduction uses one or two of the methods discussed in class to effectively gain the attention of the audience
a? The last sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement.
a? The thesis statement has a subject and opinion and lets audience know which item is better than the other
a? Body paragraphs begin with topic sentences, contain reasons and evidence that support the position or claim of the paper, and are unified, coherent, and well-supported. Topic sentences begin with transitions.
a? Body paragraphs are well organized
a? Conclusion uses one or two of the methods discussed in class to effectively end the paper.
a? Conclusion reminds readers of the main point of the paper.
a? Sentences are clearly written and are easy to follow and understand.
a? Paper contains few, if any, grammatical and mechanical errors. The errors that are present do not detract from the overall effectiveness of the paper.
a? Pay special attention to the following grammatical and mechanical issues: numbers, language that is too informal, run-on sentences, commas after introductory elements, between items in a series, and with nonrestrictive and restrictive clauses, correct usage of a?affecta? and a?effect,a? and correct parallelism.

Possible Topics for Argument Paper
1. Northeast State Community College should/should not ban all smoking on campus. Under this ban, students would not be able to smoke anywhere outside or in their cars on campus.
2. Individuals under the age of fourteen who are accused of violent crimes should/should not be tried as adults.
3. Students should/should not have a part-time job during high school.
4. Animals should/should not be used in medical research.
5. The United States should/should not use torture to interrogate suspected terrorists.
6. Unhealthy snacks, such as sodas and other high-calorie/high-sugar foods, should/should not be sold in public elementary schools.
7. Televised instant replays should/should not be used to call plays in football, baseball, and other sports.
8. Students who do poorly in their academic courses should/should not be allowed to participate in athletic programs.