Rgument paper Heart disease only affects the old

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Heart Disease: It only affects the elderly

I read that every 33 seconds someone in the United States dies from some form of heart disease, this means that every day in America over 2000 people die from the disease. To put this in perspective that is roughly the equivalent of a September 11th like tragedy repeating itself every 24 hours, 365 days a year. Approximately 6 people in this country will die from the disease in the time it takes to read this. Do you have a relative, parent or Grandparent that has heart disease? Did you know that heart disease can be can be hereditary? If there is a family history of heart disease it can be passed to your kids, or even your kids-kids. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America, Education as to what the disease process is and its risk factors can reduce an individuali??s chance of being affected by the disease.
The American Heart Association pointed out some myths, one myth about Heart disease is that only older people need to worry about their cardiovascular system. Factors that may actually lead to a heart attack build-up over years. Being a couch potato, boredom eating and rarely exercising are all really bad habits that often begin in childhood days. An increasing number of medical experts are witnessing stroke patients in there early 20i??s and 30i??s rather than the usual patients in their 50i??s and 60i??s. I lost my father nine years ago to heart disease at the age of 60. In his case he was born with it, he had to have a quadruple bypass heart surgery at 6 months old, a follow up surgery at the age of 16, and then his last at 60 years old. Even though all of his children were born healthy this disease was passed on to one of my nephews who was born with a similar condition and also had to have major heart surgery shortly after birth.
i??Iti??s not an old mani??s disease anymore,i?? said Dr. Siddharth Gandhi, an interventional cardiologist at advocate BroMenn Medical Center. i??Heart disease affects men and woman and now, unfortunately, at younger ages.i?? Adding to the danger is that most young adults doni??t realize theyi??re at risk of heart disease. Nine out of 10 Americans ages 18 to 24 believe theyi??re living a healthy lifestyle but most of them eat too much fast food, drink too much alcohol and sugary beverages and engage in other risky behaviors, according to a 2012 American Heart Association/American Stroke Association survey. This disconnect means that most young adults do little to nothing to improve their health. Sometimes, however, a heart attack is not because of poor lifestyle. One example is a spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is a tearing in the coronary artery wall. Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is rare. Patients are frequently otherwise healthy women who are pregnant, just had a baby or pre-mentipausal. Despite this, a new survey by the Cleveland Clinic report that almost 75% of Americans areni??t worried about dying from it.
Youi??re thin, your cholesterol and blood pressure are good, and nobody in your family has ever had a heart attack so you figure you must be safe from heart disease. New research suggests you could be dead wrong. A new study shows that a large portion of normal weight, and apparently healthy, young people already have some thickening in their blood vessel walls. In other words, they have the beginnings of cardiovascular disease, according to a reports presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular in Vancouver. This study was done on young adults with no known risk factors. They had no diabetes, their cholesterol levels and blood pressure were normal. And none of them were obese. They were basically the picture of good health. Unfortunately, many people may be suffering from i??hiddeni?? heart disease. The new results may help explain the epidemic of heart attacks and stroke.
According to the Center for disease control and prevention, the following are some factors that can put you at risk of getting heart disease. The first one is high blood pressure, this increases the work load on the heart and muscles thicken in the heart and cause it to beat irregularly. The next one is high cholesterol; this is the fat in the blood, or the plaque which contributes to clotting in the blood. The next two kind of go hand and hand, physical inactivity and obesity. Excess weight causes the heart to work harder and typically causes higher blood pressure, lack of physical activity is also a major contributing factor. Next is tobacco smoke, a smoker is 2-4 times more at risk of having heart disease than a non-smoker, for females they are 25% more likely to get heart disease than male smokers. Smoking damages the blood vessels in the body. Heart disease can also be inherited and can skip generations.
Heart disease is a serious issue in this country and it doesni??t just affect old people but there are steps you can take that will limit your risk of getting the disease. Your diet is very important, limiting the intake of saturated and Trans-fatty foods like donuts, butter, fried foods, or chips, basically junk food can lower you risk of heart disease. Exercise is also very important, taking daily walks, or 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise can lower your risk. If you are obese or over weight, losing weight reduces your risk. Stopping smoking if you are a smoker can lower the plaque and cholesterol levels in your blood; this improves your blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. A year after quitting smoking you can lower your risk of heart disease by half. If you have a history of heart disease in your family or notice any symptoms a regular trip to your family doctor to monitor your heart is recommended, anti-cholesterol and blood thinner medication can be prescribed if needed.