Rgument Paper: Same Sex Marriages, I Am For It!


Argument Paper


– Give background information about the overall topic, possibly using statistics. You should also quickly point out the three arguments that you will present in the body of the paper. For example: a?The death penalty is unequally applied to men, the poor, and minorities.a?
– Present a clear thesis that states your opinion clearly. For example, a?In the opinion of many, these discrepancies prove that capital punishment should never be carried out until all persons are treated the same,a? or you might state the thesis this way: a?I believe that capital punishment should never be carried out until all persons are treated equally.a? Just be sure that your opinion/claim is stated clearly.


– Give a brief overview of the opposing side, giving the main points of their argument. Be sure that you present the opposing side fairly and accurately.
– Present your 3 main arguments to support your thesis/claim.
– You should support each argument with evidence, research, your own personal experience, statistics, quotations, etc. There should be evidence from your research for each of your arguments.
– The arguments that you write about should be arguments that you accept. If you donat believe it, it will be hard for your audience to believe it. Remember, you are trying to change the minds of your audience, so think about who your audience is and what the best method is to use to change their minds.
– Your research should be used to support your opinion or be used to inform the reader. Make sure that your ideas and opinions are clearly discernible from the research material.


– Restate your thesis/claim and position on the topic.
– Use your conclusion as a final way to change the minds of your audience.
– Summarize your arguments and suggest solutions.
– If using a Rogerian argument, your conclusion might include a compromise position for the two viewpoints. State your solution to the problem, and show its advantages for both sides.

This paper should be at least 4 pages with cover page and page headers. You should have at least 3 sources and at least 4 in-text citations from your sources. Be sure to have a reference page and copies of your sources when you turn in the final draft. If your packet is missing a reference page, in-text documentation, and/or copies of sources, it will receive a 0.