Rgumental and analysis essay based on the short story the demon lover by Elizabeth Bowen

*essay question: Is Bowens The Demon Lovera ghost story or a psychological drama
-thesis statement should make an arguement about whether it is a ghost story or psychological drama

essay should have an introduction, thesis, paragraphs that makes make claims in support of the thesis, incorporate quotations as evidence(from the short story The demon loverwhich i will upload later.) essay should begin with a thoughtful title that establishes the intellectual vigour of the paper to come and end with a conclusion that speaks to the wilder significances of the arguement and avoids a simple repetition of the arguments main points. Essay should also have a Works Cited section on its own page and should follow MLA style 7th edition throughout.

approximately 1000 words long
double spaced
times new roman 12pt font
MLA 7th edition documentation