Rgumentation-Persuasion Essay Obesity and Tax on Soda and Candy in US.

For this paper I will need a thesis by August 1, 2012 and a draft on August 4. The final paper is not due until august 8 by midnight EST. I will provide the articles to use for this paper. No other outside references should be used on this paper. It needs to be in APA format. For this paper my argument is Can tax on Soda and Candy help with obesity in the US? Your personal views on the subject can be entered into the paper as well. I dont mind.

Grading criteria below
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Thesis is clear and engaging and expresses an argumentative purpose. 4
Essay offers detailed support appropriate to the intended audience. 4
Essay includes cause-effect pattern of development. 4
Essay includes comparison-contrast pattern of development. 4
Essay demonstrates strong organization, and organization reflects argumentative purpose. 4
Essay addresses and counters opposing arguments. 4
Essay includes appropriate transitions/signal devices to take the reader from one paragraph or section to the next. 4
Essay begins with engaging introduction.4
Essay ends with effective conclusion. 4
Essay meets APA format requirements. 4
Essay meets APA documentation requirements. 4
Essay meets minimum word count. 4
Essay is free or virtually free of grammatical, mechanical, and spelling errors. 4
Total: 52
I will send attach the articles once a writer has been established.