Rgumentative Engagement: The Philadelphia Inquirer underrated Joe Frazier with Hisoricism

Prompt: For this one last Break in the action,the time for almost all writing instruction is over anyway, the ball in your court. Let us then move to our third major assignment. The following is the rough-and-ready view (in the same manner as I presented the prompt for the categorical polemics and contextual analysis assignments)

General parameters: 3-4 pages in our single-spaced format, least 6 sources. Use 6 sectional topics, with two sections involving sub-distribution (for a total of 8 body paragraphs composing the line of thought).

Prompt: Identify a Text(e.g., a persons career or specific achievement) in sports history dating before 1990 that you think is either overrated or underrated (or, perhaps better, mis-appreciated) by a given discourse community. In your thesis, focus on one of the issues about canonicity formulated with our readings. All students must use/adapt common core criteria for three of their topics. For your discourse community, choose a specific specialized print-based journal, magazine, or newspaper (such sources, of course, also use the web). Blogs such as The Bleacher Report are disallowed because they are too individualized and, therefore, idiosyncratic (i.e., without a clear sense of discourse community).

The paper is a canon on how the Philadelphia Inquirer underrated Joe Frazier as an athlete (not just in boxing). If there is a better source than the Philadelphia Inquire that can be used as well. The issue about canonicity that I chose is What if?is not What was”, but if you can find a better one in the provided text please do. The paper has to be written in Courier 12, and needs double space after each sentence. Sources should be as close to half primary and half secondary as possible. The paragraph format is given in but it should be the topic of the inquire in the first half, then transition, then how that distributional topic relates to Fraizer. Three topics are provided 1. level of competition/athletic context 2. athleticism/achievements 3. Social/Cultural influence. Three additional broad topics need to be made and than chose two sub-sections for any paragraphs. There is suppose to be a total of 8 paragraphs in the body of the paper. The topic sentence of each paragraph must mention the discourse community (philly inquire) and in some way refer to the issue about canonicity.