Rgumentative essay against solar energy


For this essay, you will write a well-researched argument that takes a position on a controversial issue concerning energy and/or green power. Academic arguments are found in every discipline and in the workplace, if you are an engineer, a business person, a scientist or another professional, you will be called upon to write proposals, bids, ads, grants and other documents that make an argument in order to raise funds, win a contract, get equipment for your laboratory, etc.

Thesis Statement:
Your thesis statement should be centered on an argument and be clear, specific and focused. You will want to argue a point that is supportable but also is not something that everyone already agrees with. You will want to be aware of the stakeholders in the argument. What is a stakeholder in any controversy? A stakeholder can be identified as a group of people who stands to gain or profit from support of their perspective, even if it is only in terms of status or achieving success in the debate. In your research, you would need to find articles (both scholarly and mainstream press) that support or argue for or against your viewpoint and build a framework in your essay that not only supports your view but also examines the counter arguments brought by other stakeholders. Ideally, your argument will be sophisticated, in that it does not just see two sides in black and white, but sees multiple opinions (or counter arguments), while firmly supporting your own viewpoint.

Support or Evidence:
You will need to back up each claim you make within the argument. You will use your sources to build credibility and gain authority to speak as a writer on a particular topic. Your aim is to persuade your audience, thus you must use credible sources to back up everything you say. You can use ethical, emotional or logical appeals. Youall want to avoid logical fallacies within the argument. You will use both direct quotes, paraphrases and will cite all your sources correctly in the text as well as prepare a Works Cited page to accompany the essay.

Your sources should be credible and 5-6 of the eight should be scholarly ones or from respected news sources. You should show that you are able to evaluate credibility in the selection of your sources. Selected information should always be relevant to the central argument as well as quoted or paraphrased correctly to support each claim. They should also be well integrated into developed paragraphs and not just be dropped in but contextualized.

What Are the Formatting Requirements of the Paper?
You will write six pages and include your Works Cited page as Page 7, written in MLA or APA style, including a mix of scholarly and mainstream sources. The paper should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1a? margins and include an interesting and descriptive title.