Rgumentative Essay Convincing Spouse to move to the city and leave the suburbs

Option 9: Youd like to live in the suburbs, but your spouse refuses to budge from the city. Write him or her an essay in which you argue the advantages of suburban life. Since the success of your argument will depend to some degree on how well you overcome the other persons objections to city life, be sure to address those as well. Use specific, colourful examples wherever possible. Remember to use one online source and a print source in MLA format.”

This essay is an argumentative essay for living in the suburbs vs living in the city. I would be trying to convince my boyfriend, Derek, to move to the suburbs and get a house.
I know that it is close to both of our schooling, jobs and family. Another pro would be that having a house would give our dog, Leo, more freedom to run around in a backyard.
He doesnt want to move because of the cost of a house and commuting. I honestly think we will save money by not being so close to things that we can spend money on such as movies and expensive dining out every other night.
I need this by 8:25 Am May 13,2015 Arizona time.

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