Rgumentative Essay in World History about religion and

This is a short historical Argumentativeessay about religion in world history.
It requires to make your own argument (also in thesis) clearly regarding the questions below.
***Since this essay asks variety of questions with a limit of no more than “2 pages”, it should have consist of very tense sentences with key points. Please eliminate all the redundant phrases (and shorten introduction). Also need a short and strong conclusion that supporting your arguments.

1. Describe the role that religion, broadly defined, has played in the rise and decline of the state-systems.
2. In which states did religion provide a motor force for expansion?
3. How have different religious systems worked to support state power and social hierarchy?
4. In which states was religion less important, and why?
Your answer should draw on at least three examples (no quotations).

-Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Indian, China, and Europe christianities etc.. (will upload the ppt, so you can just check for the cities) You can feel free to choose the city states whatever you like if you have an idea, but follows the world history timelines.

Feel free to ask me if you have any question. Im mostly online:)
Thanks ahead for your greater help!