Rgumentative Essay in World History about U.S. and cold war

This is an argumentative essay, so I need your own strong argument on the one-sentence thesis statement based on the question that asked with the concrete examples to support your thesis. Introduction can be shorten but with strong thesis and please pay more attention with the example you draw from reading and lecture ppt. Since this paper is limited to two pages, you should catch the key points and answer everything that the question asking please.
You donat have to leave the place for the name, title or subject.
Thank you

In the decades following the Second World War, the United States became the undisputed global power. How did the United States use that power? What was the guiding philosophy that drove U.S. foreign policy in this period? What were the some of the consequences for people in the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America? In your response, provide all THREE concrete examples of those countries listed above reflect the evidence drawn from reading and lecture ppt.

Reading: Stephen G. RabeThe Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America
Text Book: you can go check for the concept and countries that Iam dealing with. Click Chapter (starting chapter 16) then click the summary.