Rgumentative Essay in World History: colonialism and Imperialism

This is an argumentative essay, so I need your own strong argument on the one-sentence thesis statement based on the question that asked with the concrete examples to support your thesis. Introduction can be shorten but with strong thesis and please pay more attention with the examples you draw from lecture ppt such as specific countries and events. Please answer everything that the question asking.
You donat have to leave the place for the name, title or subject.
This paper is crucial for me so Iam expecting you to put an effort on this to make clear and concrete essay with your argument, not generally exploiting historical facts. Since the paper limited for 2 pages, it is important to well develop the structures of the essay.
I appreciate of your great help
Thank you so much!
Consider the varieties of colonialism and imperialism that you have encountered throughout the studying world history as a whole. Compare and contrast them, describe the material circumstances and the ideas or ideologies that justified them. Also consider who got benefitted from one another. What is your argument about this issues you raised? Please provide three examples that draw from the lecture ppt and readings to support your argument.

Text Book: you can go check for the concept and countries or empire that Iam dealing with. Click Chapter (starting chapter 10) then click the summary.