Rgumentative Essay. Legacy of Empire and globalization. Primary source: Jamaica Kincaid, A Small Placeor Kiran Desai, The Inheritance of Loss”

Please dont take this order if you are not familiar with argumentative essay and world history.
This paper requires critical thinking and make your own argument by providing insightful anlyzing of the primary source you choose. As soon as you chose the primary source, you should let me know.
Im ordering 8 pages but 1 page is for essay proposal that including your arguments that due on earlier next week.

Ill attach the detailed guideline especially for grammar and bibliography.

Theme: Legacies of Empire and Globalization

Primary sources: Jamaica Kincaid, A Small Place
Kiran Desai, The Inheritance of Loss

Secondary sources: anything that convincing or opposed to your argument regards to the primary sources. But not derived from online sources.

Make argument: you can freely choose what you are going to write about. It would be vary depends on your choice of primary source. I think those two books are related to colonialism (or Neo-colonialism) and globalization. You can also talk about its cultural aspect but whatas important in here is to make argument that convinced to the primary source with your argument. So, choose whatever you are confidence of and let me know as soon as possible.