Rgumentative Essay on Animal rights and experimentation

Please follow the below:
1. Assignment: Write a 6-paragraph argumentative essay (each paragraph 4-5 sentences) on: Animal rights and experimentation (The argument should be against the eperimentation). Ensure that you persuade the reader that the opinion supported in the essay is valid. Support the opinion by means of giving evidence: facts, examples, physical description, support of someone, and statistics. Then present counterarguments to the thesis and refute them respectfully and critically.
2. Use at least 10 references.
3. English should be revised by an English native speaker.
4. The essay should include the following elements:
Introduction: define the problem, use facts, demonstrate the opinion and state the thesis statement. (Paragraph1)
Two argument: Two ideas that are contrary to the thesis statement. Showing the weaknesses of this opposite argument. (Paragraph 2)
Evaluation and recommendations: Back to the thesis statement and original argument. Supporting techniques (example, explanation, opinion). (Paragraph 3)
-Third and Fourth Arguments: Two arguments, which are parallel to the thesis statement. Examples, explanations, opinions, statistics to clarify the topic sentence. (Paragraph 4)
Conclusion: Linker signaling the conclusion + summary of the main points. Opinion and warning.
(Paragraph 5)