Rgumentative Essay on Obligatory Tipping

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Obligatory Tipping.
1. Servers do make minimum wage and they rely on tips to make a living./ Owner would have to raise prices for food and serviceif they had to pay servers minimum wage.
2. Tips encourage better service(efficient/friendly)
3. Regular customers who tip well like the consistency of good service(Better or Great)
4. Its expected/It is the right thing to do.

1. Servers dont have control over food/ammenities(Although these things affect their tip.)
2. Tipping system is inconsistent this causes servers & customers to be negatively affected often.
3. The customer should have ultimate power over whether or not they want to reward or penalize services rendered.
4. Graituities are unfair

I want to argue against tipping.
From talking with some people from different places other than the United States tipping is not the proper ettiquete in their countries. Just from personal experience I have received crappy service just because I ordered a water versus a beverage or alchololic beverage. Or iving good if I was not dressed up the waiter or waitress assumed I was not worthy of good service. Just to show them they was wrong I would tip very well and then report them to their supervisor. I tip because it is expected and it is the right thing to do because they do not make minimum wage but I willing to pay more for food and service if owner wishes to increase prices in exchange for not having to tip because they now pay the person minimum wage.