Rgumentative Essay on Prisoners should not receive an education”

Heres the information and sources I need to use for the paper as well as a thesis statement that can be changed if need be.

My Research Argument Topic
In todayas American society people have differing views on what our prison system should look like, and how inmates should be reformed. I will be arguing to my readers that prisoners shouldnat receive a free education on the backs of the law-abiding taxpayers of our nation. I will be using the following sources to back up my arguments, and make some needed concessions so that my argument will sound reasonable to my readers.

Annotated Bibliography
Schorn, Daniel. a?Maximum Security Education.a? 60 Minutes. CBS News, Feb. 11, 2009. Web. 14
Oct. 2011.
This article describes a college program for inmates in New York that is privately funded. It demonstrates that these programs can be successful without taxpayer funds. It also gives insight into how the prisonersa feel about the program. I will use this information to show my readers that the inmates are enjoying more freedom than they should while in prison, and argue that this is in effect lessening their sentences.
Bazos, Audrey, and Jessica Hausman. a?Correctional Education as a Crime Control Program.a?
UCLA School of Public Affairs. Department of Public Policy, n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2011.
This research project deals with the cost-effectiveness of correctional education. It reveals that money is better spent educating prisoners rather than expanding prisons. I will use some of the relevant data to concede to my reader that by educating prisoners you save money over time, because prisoners are less likely to re-offend if they have been educated. However, I will also argue that keeping society safe shouldnat have a price tag.
a?Incarceration in the United States.a? Wikipedia. Wikimedia, n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2011.
This article from Wikipedia gives insight into how recidivism rates are lower for people who are sentenced to longer periods of jail time. I will use this to argue that longer sentences could lower prisonersa return rate to prisons. The article also gives several other useful statistics that I may use throughout my paper.
United States. Dept. of Education. a?Digest of Education Statistics, 2010.a? NCES.ed.gov. US Dept. of Education, n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2011
This source shows the rising cost of college education. I will use the data to show that law abiding families are having to sacrifice more of their resources than ever before to send their kids to school. I will argue that essentially inmates are being paid when they receive an education in prison.
Hebert, Melissa. a?Inmate Intervention Saves Teacher Being Assaulted at Prison.a? The Chronicle-Telegram Chronicle Online. Chronicle Online, 21 Apr. 2010. Web. 14 Oct. 2011.
This article details how a prison teacher was assaulted by one of her students. I will use this to make the point that prisons are inherently unsafe, and prisoners have a lack of respect for others. I will also use this information to show that the security risk for sending teachers into schools is too great, and there isnat enough security for them.