Rgumentative essay on the social issue of stereotyping Muslim-Arabs in western media

I want the writer to talk about the stereotyping of Muslim-Arabs in Western media such as James bond, the TV series 24 starring Kiefer sutherland displaying them as terrorist, violent, wealthy, unscrupulous. Also i want him to mention the false stereotypes about Arab Muslim Women in western media. I want him to take the side of How stereotyping of Muslim Arabs is negative, not true and irrational. I will need 2 counter arguments opposing my allegations such as: arguing the idea that stereotyping is positive because a generalization of a population based on stereotyping can help predict behavior and outcome, and in some cases motivates individuals to rise to the level of perception. Also I want the writer to argue what producers say that the are only displaying what is really happening in the middle east. I will provide the prompt and the sources from my annotated bibliography and i want him to use them if he is not familiar with the topic.