Rgumentative essay on the US immigration policy

Essay 2: Argumentative essay on the US immigration policy

* This is for an Academic Writing Course (for ESL students). PLEASE SEE THE BRIEF ATTACHED.

a? About 4 Pages long (including a timetable)
a? Must have OUTLINES (Detailed Headings required)
a? Must have a TIMETABLE
a? NO References required

This essay will be an argumentative essay in which you argue for a change in some aspect of current US immigration policy. Do not discuss immigration in general in this essay. Instead, think of changes to US immigration policy as changes in the structures of migration. The essay should contain at least one story of a particular person who is affected by structures of migration. I encourage you to write about an aspect of migration that has been important for your family, but this is not a requirement.
Focus on a specific structure of migration and a specific change to a structure of migration.
A portion of your essay should be based on stories–either your own story or the story of someone you know well.
The story should involve a difficulty related to migration. Identify structures of migration that could be changed so that the lives of people in the story would not be unnecessarily difficult.

This essay must have a DETAILED personal story. The story will be about a hardship that affected yourself personally or someone we know (please invent one if you wish!). Then talk about the US immigration policy that is related to the STORY, and What must be improved or what is already good.