Rgumentative Essay that uses simple language that a Computer Science major, gadget geek, and movie buff may write

Argumentative Essay Assignment Guide
This assignment asks you to take a current public issue and develop a piece of writing concerning that public issue that takes a particular stance. The goal is to convince your audience to accept your position, persuade your audience to perform a particular action because of your argument, or to propose a debatable solution to a problem. You must support your claim with appropriate reasons and evidence. This means appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos while using appropriately quoted and/or paraphrased material. Youall also want to utilize rhetorical modes such as process analysis, comparison/contrast, division/classification, and cause and effect.
To successfully complete the assignment youall first need to consider two questions: what community and what issue?
What Community?
A community can be broadly defined as a group of people that share a common interest or goal. Thus, your community of choice may be large (i.e. American citizens) or small (i.e. your softball team). The important thing to remember when choosing a community is that youall benefit from selecting a community with which you are familiar. For example, donat choose a?Tibetan monksa? as your community unless you have an extensive back-ground with Tibetan monks through first-hand experience or research.
What Issue?
An issue is simply some a?thinga? within your chosen community that is being debated and has not been resolved (as you see it). To continue the vein of examples from above: an issue involving American citizens might be the recent U.S. response to foreign fighting in Lebanon, and an issue involving the softball team might be whether or not it is appropriate to use steroids. You might choose an issue for which you already have a strong opinion, or you may prefer to explore the sides of an unfamiliar issue in order to develop a response. The main thing here is to choose something that interests you. Writers that are stakeholders in the argument tend to do a better job than those that are writing just to complete a task.
-1000-1500 words (4-6 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12pt)
-A works cited page with at least 4 sources (you may use the textbook as one source, if
-personal and commercial websites are off limits. You may use academic websites and/or long standing, credible organizations (i.e. American Cancer Society)
-MLA format