Rgumentative essay Topic: Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

2 full pages.
All materials must be submitted: outline, rough drafts and final draft.
Must be written in toulmin style

Your essay should be organized like this:

1 introduction of the topic/problem
amaterial to get th readers attentions A hook”
bintroduce the problem
cintroduce your claim, or thesis, perhaps with accompanying qualifiers that limit the scope of the argument.

2body paragraph
Main point one
agrounds + backing
ccounterargument + refutation

Im sure you know all of this. I had to mention it I need the paper to be very specific to the teachers instructions.

I want the thesis to be something along the lines of, cellphones can be dangerous depending on when you use them.. Im sure you can come up with a better one.
I basically want the paper to be about how using cellphones can only be dangerous and harmful when its used while its on charger or kept next to your head when youre asleep and some points like that.
Please provide me with an outline, a rough draft and a first draft. theyre required.
Please use simple language and online sources only.
Thank you in adavnce.