Rgumentative essays about analyzing my life within the matrix of domination

Submit a 5 page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, properly margined.

You are to analyze your life within the Matrix of Domination. You are to examine your life in terms of both the privileges and oppressions you do/have face(d) as a member of particular groups within our society. This analysis must be based on more than just your race, class or gender. For a thorough analysis, you must evaluate your life on at least five (5) of the ten (10) components that make up the Matrix of Domination. Remember, you are not only analyzing your oppressions, but also your privileges as a member of an Idealgroup within our society. You must compare and contrast your place as a member of such groups to what you have learned in this course about women of color. Some questions you might want to consider: How has the matrix of domination shaped your life so far? Have you experienced privilege or oppression because of a group to which you belong? How do you or will you plan to combat the assumptions and oppressions you face? Will you combat or fight against the privileges you have or will you continue to Take the easy routeand do nothing? why? Please Remember, this analysis is based on knowledge that you are a member of groups within our society that have been labeled and ranked. You must acknowledge that we live in society that it structured based on groups and that each of those groups is valued based on societys ideals and standards. If you have any questions, please make an appointment to discuss the matter further.

Please keep in mind that these are argumentative essays. I want you to argue a position and give evidence to prove your claims. Remember to cite all sources.