Rgumentative EssayShould all college courses be specifically related to a future occupation?

Write an argumantative essay on the following topic: Should all college courses be specifically related to a future occupation?

Notes on the specific format required:

Build tension for the claim in the thesis statement with all or some of the following:

1. Definition of topic

2. Historical background

3. Importance (how many lives it touches)

4. Example/anecdote

Claim: a clear and unequivocal opinion on the issue

Argument(s) for the claim

Argue: Prove right:

Statistics, examples, explanation, details, quotes.

Argument(s) Against the Claim

Counter Argue: Prove Wrong

Some people think/believe/feel that (state the counter argument)

However, + (concede: prove insignificant/ or refute: prove untrue.)

Statistics, examples, explanation, details, quotes.

Some or all of the following:

1.Summarize main arguments

2.Make a prediction


Your position should be one way only. It cannot be limited to certain cases or sometimes one way and sometimes another way.
Do not discuss without or not,/if not, such as Not reinstating the draft,or Without sex education . Discuss the topic as it is given.
Do not mention the word reason in the topic sentence: One reason the draft should be reinstated is that it …. Instead: Reinstating the draft will…..
Address the counter argument by explaining what your opponents think and why they are wrong.
Do not argue by refutation (by addressing counter arguments only). Argue and address the counter argument.
The paper should be 770-800 meaningful words. Use only MLA format. You may download the template and type directly into it.
Do not use an accusatory tone. Do not preach or give recommendations. Only discuss.