Rgumentative essay..Topic: Why steriods should be or shouldnt be allow in Physical fitness training (For working out for everyday individuals).

I would like for my essay to written being against steriods being allowed in physical training. I would need the essay formatted correctly. My professor expects us to have: The introduction that has the thesis statement within it. The essay should be written in either Deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning and so on. I would need each paragraph to show proper transiction.

In my planning memo need to be able to recongnize what type of introduction was used and why I used it..examples (Background information,definition,anecdote or story,question,quotation,surprising statement,contradiction,fact or statistic),clearly state the thesis,explain whether I used the inductive or deductive reasoning and the reason why I chose it. Also need to explain what type of conclusion I used and explain why.

Please provide citation within the essay using at least 3 or more sources. The bibligrapher page should be in MLA style. PLease feel free to call me if you have any questiuons.