Rgumentative Research Essay (any subject)

Argumentative Research Essay
Plan, research, draft and revise argumentative research essay in which you clearly assert a debatable thesis statement, support your thesis with sound reasoning, evidence and support from valid resources and credit/verify all contributing sources according to the most recent Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines.

I will leave the subject to you so you choose one that you can talk about the best. Please do not choose a frequent subject and definitely not global warming. Please email me the subject before you start writing.

1. Please a professional writer should take on this project.
2. Avoid logical and emotional fallacies. (I assume I am writing to a professional writer and would know what these are)
3. Never use passive voice and nominalization (the use of verbs as a noun).
4. Avoid starting the sentences with a?ita? or a?therea?
5. Use a proper transition words or phrases between sentences and paragraphs.
6. Most importantly, state a clear thesis. Please be a professional. Also, state the points you are going to use through the essay to support your argument.
7. The essay should be easy to follow; sequence words should be clear if used.
8. Avoid run on sentences, comma mistakes, and such grammatical mistakes.
9. Do not just through ideas; relate points and paragraphs to each other so the reader knows why a point is there.
10. Avoid fancy words and pure English.
11. Avoid awkward wordiness; the sentences should be clear and to the point.
12. Use sources effectively and do not just through quotes between sentences. Explain clearly and relates the ideas from sources to the subject.
13. Follow MLA for citing rules perfectly.
14. Use only reliable, trustworthy sources.
15. I will check the essay for plagiarism, so please make sure noting is copied without citing.
16. Please support the argument with at least 3 reliable evidences. Also, state at least 3 counterarguments and explain why the reader should agree with your argument and not with the counterargument.
17. If statistical data were used, please make sure they are current, reliable, and used correctly through the essay.
18. Please focus on a strong and interesting introduction and good conclusion.
19. You should use at least 4 sources.

Format guidelines:
1. Use Times new Roman with size 12. Double space between sentences and no space between paragraphs. Margins should be 1a? form each side.
2. Please do not fill the essay with unnecessary space between letters, especially around in-text citing or in parentheses.
3. Please do not use bold formatting at all in the essay.

I will refuse the essay and ask for a refund if any of the pervious guidelines were not followed precisely.

Additional Tips and Guidelines
Focus and Organize
As your processes progress, please keep the following key strategies in mind:
a? Grab the readers attention
a? Have a clearly stated thesis statement that is an effective debatable point (this thesis must make clear to readers what the writer is trying to persuade them to do (goal of argument).
a? Argument points must be organized and supported with evidence and sound reasoning.
a? Restatement of thesis
a? End with an impact or some kind of call to action.
Ethical Checklist
a? Do I make a clear distinction between certainty and probability?
a? Have I explored all sides of the issue and all possible alternatives?
a? Are my information sources valid, reliable, and relatively unbiased?
a? Am I being honest and fair with everyone involved?
a? Am I reasonably sure that what I am saying will harm no innocent persons or damage their reputation?
a? Am I respecting all legitimate rights to privacy?
a? Do I provide enough information and interpretation for readers to understand the facts as I know them?
a? Do I state the case clearly instead of hiding behind generalities and fallacies?
a? Do I inform the readers of the consequences (as I am able to predict) of what I am advocating?
a? Do I credit all contributors and sources of information and ideas?