Rgumentative Research Essay on Civil Liberties pertaining to acts of terrorism

My thesis statement/argumentative research thesis topic that I selected is, Should terrorist attacks justify any suspension of civil liberties in the name of national security.The specific style is not provided. This is college freshman level English, the format is usually in Microsoft Word with the following criteria…A body that:
-has one-inch margins all around,
-has page numbers,
-uses 12-point font,
-follows MLA guidelines for citations, and
-falls within the 6 8 page range. *I would prefer as close to 8 as possible.
I would also need a Resource Listin MLA format. This list needs to be available to me by April 10th to be submitted to my professor by April 11th. The instructions carefully lay out the guidelines.
*Any topic from the attached thesis statement sheet would be considered…let me know if one of the other topics would better fit your expertise and we can go with it.
*Ive attached a copy of the actual assignment guideline sheet
*Ive also attached a copy of the actual scoring grid that the professor will use when grading this paper
*Please do not use My university uses this website to submit all of our final papers to. This will flag the paper as plagiarized.