Rgumentative Research Paper: Laptops for Students

Argumentative Research Paper Instructions
Topic: School Should Provide Laptops to Students
Format: MLA
Length: 6-pages
Citations: at least 6 reliable sources; sources must be published since January 2007
*One of the sources must be one that we read in school: 11digi.html?_r0

Consider an issue raised by one of our readings. Offer your readers a deeper understanding of that issue by analyzing new and reliable information that you bring to the discussion. Propose a policy, a course of action, or a new way of seeing that situation. Justify your argument while both conceding something to your opponents and rebutting their strongest arguments. In closing, summarize your paperas important points and make an appeal to your readeras feelings.

Keep in mind while researching and writing this argumentative research essay that argument serves three basic and sometimes overlapping purposes: to analyze a complicated issue or question an established belief, to express of defend a point of view, and to invite or convince an audience to change a position or adopt a course of action.

The essay must also include:

___1. Catchy, descriptive TITLE mentions work, author, or character(s) dealt with in essay.
___2. Each page numbered, double spaced, left-margin aligned.
___3. THESIS STATEMENT (underlined in first paragraph) mentions the main pointsa in correct ordera discussed in the paper.
___4. TOPIC SENTENCES in each supporting paragraph refer directly toa and develop the main points mentioned ina the thesis statement.
___5. SUPPORTING PARAGRAPHS are unified, coherent, fully developed, and contain specific evidencea quotations, descriptions of episodes, scenes, passagesa to support each point.
___6. CONCLUSION summarizes thesis statement and draws larger implications from your analysis.
___8. Most VERBS are in the ACTIVE (rather than passive) VOICE; NOUNS are specific and vivid, rather than vague and generic. Weak a?to bea? verbs and clauses that begin with a?it isa? & a?there isa? forms have been revised.