Rgumentative Research Paper on Gun Control

assignment: general academic audience, compose a paper that argues a specific side of the issue (against gun control). This paper should reflect your informed opinion (you best interpretation of the material) however it should not contain any 1st or 2nd person pronouns. This arguement must also be supported by outside sources. You need to show your credibility and that of your arguement. Requirements: 5 -7 pages double spaced, times new roman, 12 point, one inch margins. At least 6 outside sources. In text citations and work Cited page must use proper MLA citation format. You should not use pharases like, I believe,In my opinion,and others with first-person pronouns. For sure use the following source;Armed: New Perspectives in Gun Controlby Don Kates and Gary Kleck then 5 more at least 3 total scholarly sources the rest must be credible. The thesis MUST be in the first paragraph, this is a demand of the instructor,use this for the thesis, Currently there is much debate among politicians and the public alike, focusing on what Gun Control is specifically and how it affects everyone in America. Gun Control activist argue there is a need to have more restrictions on gun ownership and everyone has the right to own guns but more importantly the process in which guns are purchased; their opponents are Gun Rights Supports, it is their argument that the more restriction that are levied the more citizens rights are being infringed upon. A closer look at the portion of the 2nd Amendment that is the focus of the debate can bring to light the controversy of each opposing sides argument. Americans generally feels that some gun control is necessary, however, people argue to what degree Controlis necessary without taking their right to keep and own guns, the focus is then, is the right to own a guns is a inalienable right as outlined by the 2nd Amendment, The right to keep and own a gun should not be infringed upon.you may adapt this slightly but it has already been approved by the instructor so she will be looking for it.