Rgumentative Research Paper Pet Health Insurance

First of all, I have the first 3 1/2 pages written and I need 4 additional pages to complete the paper. The first part of the paper is informative. THE SECOND HALF HAS TO BE ARGUMENTATIVE WITH TAKING A STAND. In my sources I have provided 2 sources that oppose pet health insurance. I have also provided some comments from a veterinarian that I work with. Also the following would be a good article in opposition.

The URL address for that article is: ShouldYouBuyPetInsurance.aspx

This URL will link you to MSN Moneys website. The title is Should You Buy Pet Insurance?”

The main focus of the opposition should be that if pet insurance becomes more popular it will make veterinary costs go up because they will have to hire more people to do paperwork. Just compare to human medical doctors handling insurance to if pet insurance was the same way.

The stand I want to take for the paper is that pet health insurance is a good thing. Just some adjustments must take place so that it will not become like human health care.

I have provided many sources for you. You just need to use 6 or seven for the remainder of the paper.

The first part of the research paper for you to add to is titled research paper. I also have provided a page of websites of pet health insurance companies. This may come in handy for the paper.

Just PLEASE make sure that all paraphrases, quotes, stastics, etc. are documented (according to MLA style). My professor is very big on this. He wants to be able to check the sources for plagiarism.

I will be out of town over the weekend, so calling might be better. I dont think you will have any problems. Just do everything according to the MLA style and make the remainder of the paper (4 pages) argumentative (with both sides) but choosing to take a stand in favor of pet insurance.

A compromise is also good. For example what I was talking about earlier in that pet insurance is good as long as adjustments are made to not become the nightmare that human health insurance has caused.

And remember that documentation is very important. Thank you and contact me if you have any questions.