Rgumentative Research paper topic: US Army Reserve in Homeland Security and guarding the US Borders

Argumentative Research paper: must establish or state the position that will be argue regarding the topic in a thesis statement. The type should also focus on persuading the reader to adopt the view presented.

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Can you please ensure to follow the attached additional requirements fro this paper

Hook: What is the proper utilization of our US Reserve Component Soldiers?

I have work on the THESIS a little but you can refine and make changes as necessary feel free to do whatS best.

THESIS: The engagement of the US Reserve in Homeland Security and guarding US Borders is an effective security measure to augment Federal, State, and Law Enforcement Agencies which supports the Defense Strategic Guidance while improving the operational utilization of its Soldiers.

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Background: This newest RFPB report is one of many highlighting that the Reserve Component (RC) has demonstrated a record of sustained accessibility, readiness and reliability, calling for operationally usage and continued integration between the active component and the reserve component across all 10 core missions of the Defense Department.See more at: new-reserve-forces-policy-board-report-reserve-component-use-balance-cost-savings#sthash.oiOGF8cv.dpuf

also See possible level heading our areas , you might need to change feel free to do whatS best:
Claim # 1 RC Military Experience

Claim # 2 RC Homeland Security Expertise

Claim # 3 Requirements of Homeland Security

see also a previous paper that you may extract good ideas from.

However I want to focus on the main idea of argue why it will be the pros and cons while using the service members for this this duty because some people may see it as the service members being taken away from performing their duties 9militray, war efforts, and can lead to loose their readiness , training skills, Opinion as how the people see them, and as well as from a general perspective from officials, government. Especially when the service members are assisting the DHS on what their responsibility should be. From my perspective I know there are many good things for the service members performing this duty because they will gain other skills besides what the US Army normally provides and it could be a force multiplier, at the end of the day it is a win ,win situation when trying.
Again i think could be tough to pose the controversial aspects but that is the main purpose of this paper not focusing only on the good but the bad as well.

Additionally I will have to give a presentation o this paper so I need to make sure the part for persuading on the pros and cons are clearly stated.

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additionally here you go another reference that could be helpful

The Closing of the American Border by Edward Alden

can you please also verify the current status of the forces to perform this duty by either or both US Reserve and National guard units.

Please no passive Voice should be used

And more importantly the title page, abstract, and reference page should not be counted as part of the 11 pages.

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