Rgumentative Synthesis Essay in Coaching Through Change

Part 1:

Identify three areas of life of a hypothetical unemployed graduate student studying Leadership where stress could developed. Define each, then for each, reflect on them and write a brief on what the person can do to reduce the stress.

Now do this for hypothetical college undergraduate who just recently graduated. Identify one area in that personi??s life that a coach or mentor can affect in positive, stress reducing way and discuss what a coach or mentor would do to accomplish this goal.

Part 2:

An executive had promoted a customer representative to the role of sales manager, yet the person promoted was not competent for the role. In this scenario, the sales representatives have rejected the new sales manager.

Identify which elements of discipline exist within that organization (permissiveness, rigidity, inconsistency). Then, discuss what needs to occur within the element that requires the most amount of work and what would be the best corrective action to take. Please conduct research to support your findings, citing at least two scholarly resource in APA format.