Rgumentative writing about Apocalypse Now and the Vietnam Conflict

FINAL EXAMa EWRT 2a Spring 2011
a?Once an eagle, flying through the air, was struck by a dart. And, when he saw the fashion of the feathers on the shaft, exclaimed, a?not by others, but by our own hands, are we now smittenaa? AESCHYLUS, ca. 437 a.d.
DIRECTIONS: Write a well organized argumentative essay responding to the following question below. Your essay should be a minimum of600 words in length, contain a clear thesis and supporting Topic Sentences, and will contain a Works Cited in accordance with the MLA format--though it must have at least three entries, two for the two works you are writing about, and one required statement to the effect that you worked alone

1. Analyze one extended scene in APOCALYPSE NOW or APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX. An example would be the French Plantation Scene or the Do Long Bridge, or analyze the reporter played by Dennis Hopper or COL Kurtz or the chareacter of Chief. Document your sources.

Note: Document your sources. Anyone caught cheating will fail the course--no recourse. Work together but tell me with whom you worked.