Rgumentive analysis of Martin Luther Kings letter from

For this assignment, write a 4-6 page [MLA formatted] analysis of the EITHER the argument that King makes in his a?Letter from Birmingham Jaila? OR the arguments that are made in Jeffersonas a?Declaration of Independencea? and Elizabeth Cady Stantonas a?Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions.a? You will need to address the major claims, rhetorical strategies, assumptions, purpose, and audience.

To prepare for the paper:
a? Consider how you might describe the writeras audience and his/her purpose in regard to this audience.
a? What is the argument about and what are the writeras central claims?
a? What assumptions or beliefs does the writer seek to complicate?
a? How does the writer use his/her rich body of evidence in order to get the audience to accept his/her claims?
a? How does the writer develop ethos or credibility? How does he use various rhetorical strategies to appeal to the readeras sense of logic and emotion?

Criteria for Evaluation

Successful papers will:
1. describe the writeras purpose and articulate the argument he/she is making, showing what his/her central claims are and explaining what assumptions he/she is challenging;

2. explain how the writer supports his/her claims

3. address any other rhetorical strategies that you find effective

4. conclude with your explanation of how well the writer proves his/her argument

5. use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next;

6. be thoroughly edited, so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic paper.