Rgumentive Essay a?The Myth of Media Violencea?

Writing Assignment: Research Essay due the Sunday after Next (Unit 7)
Write a three to five page, double-spaced research essay based on any of the issues raised by the reading throughout the entire course. This research paper must present an original thesis clearly stated in the introduction, argued through a series of well-developed paragraphs, and concluded in a relevant, summarizing, and provocative statement. You must use at least two sources to support your claim, and all researched information must be accurately cited according to MLA documentation style. You will need to include at least two parenthetical, in-text citationsa the same sources that will appear on the Works Cited page. Please see details in Units 6 and 7.
Please write my essay on the Myth of Media Violencewe read this essay from our book. This should give you an idea of my prospective about the essay I need to write: The Myth of Media ViolenceI have always felt like video games such as Grand Theft Autowas trash and wasnt good for children. Not just video game but certain T.V. shows and music video in my opinion is just too much for innocent eyes and ears. The youth today are growing up much too fast and theyre just not allowed to say children long because of all the things they witness so early in life. I know the author brought out the fact that long before GTA, Violent Movies and Music Videos there was Crime Comic Books, Old Western Movies with Cowboys and Indians fighting. What I didnt hear him emphasize is how todays standards in what is permitted to even be put on T.V. is so different from back in the fifties. I dont think that was a fare comparison because whats was on T.V. 15 to 20 years ago has change. Im a firm believer of What you behold is what you become. How much good can come from continually feeding your brain negativity of violence and sexual explicit music videos? On one of many web sites, The Truth behind Hip Hop, states: What really happens is that the music becomes a channel for a belief system and is used to transition a way of thinking, into a way of life. You see, the belief system is always here first, and the music just becomes the advertisement or the marketing strategy of the belief system.In other word, what you behold is what you become. Disney Channel Star, Raven Simone from the hit Disney show Thats So Ravenwas on the talk show Live w/Regis and Kelly. During the interview Kelly Rippa stated that her daughter loves the a?Thatas So Raven showa?, but Co Host Kelly Rippa wasnt comfortable letting her five year old watch teenagers making out in lockers and locker rooms. Raven Simone replied, explaining that the Disney Channel entertains a wide range of audiences of different ages, from child to adult. And everything that comes on Disneyis not for your young children. Thats So Raven show was geared towards pre-teens and teens. I personally have always screened Disney for my daughter. I donat allow my 10 year old to watch PG13 movies because shes not thirteen. Those rating are there for a reason. According to research studies, todayas PG13 movies were rated R movies just twenty years ago. Theres any example of what the media is doing to our children.