Rgumentive essay Write a 750-1,000 word essay on one of the topics from pages 302-303 of Steps to Writing Well.

ESSAY TOPICS:Argumentive essay 750-1000 words APA formatdue by August 25,2011 midnight eastern time
1. Students should/should not work throughout high school.
2. To prepare students for a highly technical world, high schools
should/should not extend their academic year.
3. Sixteen-year-olds should/should not be issued limited-privilege driveras
4. The movie rating system should/should not be revised.
5. All adoption records should/should not be open to adopted children
over 18.
6. A school voucher system should/should not be used in this state.
7. Students who do poorly in their academic courses should/should not
be allowed to participate in athletic programs.
8. Violence in the movies does/does not contribute to crimes by teens.
9. Televised instant replays should/should not be used to call plays in
football and other sports.
10. National exams, such as the SAT, should/should not be required for
college applicants.
11. The math requirement (or some other requirement, rule, or policy) at
this school should/should not be changed.
12. Off-road recreational vehicles should/should not be banned from our
national parks.
13. During peacetime, students should/should not serve in a youth corps
for two years following high school.
14. Dress codes in public schools should/should not be more strictly
15. The electoral system should/should not be used to select the U.S.
16. The Ku Klux Klan (or any controversial organization) should/should
not be allowed to speak (or recruit) on campus.
17. State-supported colleges should/should not be allowed to enroll exclusively
male or female students.
18. Persons over 14 charged with crimes should/should not be tried as
19. Men and women in the military should/should not serve in separate
20. Controversial names or symbols of athletic teams (a?Redskins,a? the
Confederate flag, the tomahawk chop) should/should not changed.