Rgumentive Persuasion Essay-Spanking children

***********IMPORTANT************** SOURCES MUST COME FROM OUR INTERNET LIBRARY: INFO:books. Do not use Google, Bing, Wiki, etc. for sources.
b. Successfully and effectively incorporate them into your paper
c. Use internal citations when quoting material or using data i?? use a minimum of four quotes
d. Create a works cited page
7) Recognize an opposing viewpoint and refute
a. Only have to recognize one opposing viewpoint
8) Offer a course of action or a solution/proposal in your conclusion, and offer a thought for further discussion on your topic.
9) Submit the final draft and works cited through turnitin

Paper Requirements:

Follow MLA format
Proper Heading (Name, Instructori??s Name, Class, Date) and Header (Studenti??s Last Name pg #)
4 to 5 FULL pages or longer (Note: The 4th page is not the Works Cited page)
Double spaced
1 inch margins
12 point Times New Roman font
3rd person Point of View personal opinion area is paragraph before conclusion; you may use 1st POV here
No Contractions
Works Cited Page in MLA for any sources (minimum 3/ no maximum)
Quotes (minimum of three) with internal citations

Directions: Pick one topic from below to research. For essay 4 you will need to argue or persuade. In addition, essay 4 will require HCC library resources (for example i?? books, magazines, articles, and databases that come from the HCC library only.) You may not use Google, Bing, Wiki, etc. as sources. for Essay 4.
Provide quotes in your essay with internal citations, and make sure to include a Works Cited page. Consult the library for help with HCC library databases. A good database to use from HCC is Academic Search Complete.

Essay 4 i?? Argument Topics:

Animal experimentation
Should certain breeds of dogs,
like pit bulls be banned?
Spaying and neutering of pets
Exotic animals as pets
Animal euthanasia

Genetic engineering
Stem cell research

Death penalty (capitol punishment)
Televised executions
Right to Die (Euthanasia, assisted suicide)
Detention Facilities
Tactics used at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib
Age discrimination
Race discrimination

Unmarried mothers keeping their babies
Unmarried couples living together
Visitation rights for grandparents
Same-sex marriages
Postponing parenthood
Spanking children
Kids too busy to be kids
Taking children out of abusive homes
Parent staying home with the children
Requiring a license before you can have children
Men sharing birth control burden
Living together replacing marriage

Food Industry
Meat industryi??s use of antibiotics
Safety of genetically engineered foods

Illegal immigrants
Restricting immigration into the U.S.

Conscientious objectors
Women in military combat assignments
Women in military schools
Homosexuals in the military
Use of military tribunals

Surrogate parenting
Homosexual parenting

Final draft 15%
Works Cited 5%
Total 20 %

Helpful Websites:

i??Review McGraw-Hill website for research essay strategies and other resources:

i?? Two valuable and free websites to register with for double checking your citations are:

Using Evidence:

Evidence in your paper is the way you show support for your main idea-thesis. This support can be shown in a variety of ways:

? Reasons
? Examples
? Facts
? Details
? Statistics
? Personal Observations or Experience
? Anecdotes
? Expert Opinions
? Quotations

Final Draft Due: Friday, April 24, 2015
This includes the final draft and works cited