Rgumentive-Persuasive 350-500 word Essay

Paper does not need to be in MLA format and does not need any sources.However must be typed double-spaced on one side of the paper only.A margin of 1 1/2should be left on all four sides of the sheet.Standard fonts between 10 and 12 points.Students name,course title,class section and date typed in right corner(Diana TiptonCom101-E106LRC601).Title centered all capital letters three inches top of 1st page follwed by 2 blank spaces before body.Each page must be numbered 2nd page students last name and page #on top of right side of paper. Thesis should have three points and underdlined. 1st paragraph the intro 2nd paragraph is the 1 point 3rd is the 2 point 4th is third point 5th is the closing.Thanks