Rguments for and against IFRS: advantages and disadvantages of IFRS.

The Topic of the research paper is: (Arguments for and against IFRS: advantages and disadvantages of IFRS)

The research should be performed by literature review mainly from the following articles and additional articles as the writer wants:
List of Articles:
i?? Potential Adoption of IFRS by the United States: A Critical View
i?? How Would the Mandatory Adoption of IFRS Affect the Earnings Quality of U.S.Firms?
Evidence from Cross-Listed Firms in the U.S.
i?? Bumps in the Road to IFRS Adoption: Is a U-Turn Possible?
i?? IFRS and the Accounting Consensus
i?? Economic Benefits of Adopting IFRS or US-GAAP i?? Have the Expected Cost of Equity
Capital Really Decreased?
i?? Market Reaction to the Adoption of IFRS in Europe
i?? Does Mandatory Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in the European
Union Reduce the Cost of Equity Capital?
i?? How Much Does IFRS Cost? IFRS Adoption and Audit Fees
i?? The Impact of Mandatory IFRS Adoption on Audit Fees: Theory and Evidence

The paper should be double-spaced, typewritten pages and standard font, table of content.